Phida, it was a challenge where we bet on an entrepreneur who had a very clear north. Quality, raw material and handmade fabrics were the perfect formula for their products. Infinite scarves, boleros and blankets are some of the products that are made with selected raw material in their place of origin, both from Jujuy and the Coast: first quality natural fibers such as llama, sheep, angora, and cotton.


Only when we know the origin of something can we understand it. Only when we know its history can we design and transform it.


Between textures, materials, shape and colors, you need an identity that accompanies you with the right strength to not invade but to remain aligned with simplicity and quality. Objects and special garments destined to form a legend.




Our concepts started from the relationship between harmony and mathematics. PHI is an irrational, golden number that is linked to beauty and perfection. Thus the balance between a divine and light scale was sought. With an open line evoking the infinite and the possibility of being the amulet of these objects. The figure and the use of the triangle, as a figure that represents harmony, divinity and proportion. An identity with a line and subtlety that allows us to play with endless unions and patterns.