FUTLAB Argentina is an Innovation Laboratory that arrives to contribute to the transformation of football clubs into organizations of the future, promoting necessary conditions for innovation. Born as an interdisciplinary and transversal community to the different challenges of the clubs.


A space where club leaders and work teams are trained in innovation methodologies for the design and prototyping of services, to achieve more open, user-centered, evidence-based and forward-looking initiatives.


Thus, with the focus on the acceleration of ideas and the incubation of projects, products and services, they strengthen entrepreneurs across the country, connect and empower them.




Entrepreneurs are a pillar, FUTLAB Argentina, the channel.


The goal was to create a modern and flexible brand. An attractive and striking identity from the color palette and graphic decisions that allow the laboratory to show its innovations and activities in a creative and dynamic way.


Our concept was to “feel part of a great league”. A group of people with aspirations and desire to improve a passion that unites them. A space to innovate, invest, develop, grow and feel part of the change.


A brand for a great team, for a meeting place where you can experiment, design and prototype.